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Feb 13 2013
Hickory mansion site to get mixed-use makeover

Mosteller estate targeted for homes, shops, offices


An Asheville developer plans a $35 million mixed-use project centered on Hickory's Mosteller mansion that will include townhomes, apartments, retail and other commercial development.

Delphi Development bought the mansion and its 35-acre estate earlier this year.

Located off U.S. Highway 76, the project will include 106 apartments, 50 town homes and 50,000 square feet of retail and office space. Planners believe the Mosteller community will have room for 30 businesses and a 3,000 square-foot day care center. Plans call for a restaurant, dry cleaners and other neighborhood commercial shops at the site.

The first residences are expected to be ready by March 2005.

Renovations at the three-story, 23,000 square-foot Mosteller mansion are expected to be complete in time for the new residents to enjoy it as a club house. The structure also will be used for holiday parties and special events.

The commercial development will be designed to serve primarily the residents of the community, says Julie Pruett, director of non-manufacturing recruitment at Catawba County Economic Development Corp. "It will create a sense of village", she says. "It's a new concept for that area of the city."

It's the first Charlotte-area project for Delphi Development, which is owned by veteran western N.C. developer Harry Pilos. Delphi's projects include the renovation of the historic Sawyer Motor Building in Asheville, which was converted into luxury condominiums, a project completed in 2002 at a cost of $8.6 million.

Pilos expects the community to have the feel of Washington's Georgetown neighborhood. "There's a lot of public space with fountains," he says.

The Mosteller Mansion was built in 1987 by William Mosteller, a furniture executive who originated a plastic injection molding process to create architectural details and other components for homes.

It features gold-plated plumbing fixtures, hand-painted tile and a Swiss chandelier. Handrails in the structure where taken from the former Chase Manhattan Bank headquarters in New York. "It's like a grand mansion on the banks of the Hudson River," Pilos says. "Now the mansion will be the hub in the wheel of the Mosteller community."

Superior Construction of Charlotte is the general contractor for the 165-unit apartment complex and townhouses.

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